Service Testing Service NK Cell Cytotoxicity assay

NK Cell Cytotoxicity assay

The NK sensitive cell line K-562, as target cell, was co-cultured with peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC).The percentage of target cells killed by effector NK cells can be determined by flow cytometry. This assay can evaluate the cytotoxic activity of NK cells.

    Figure A-「Negative control」, The spontaneous death percentage of cell line K-562.  
    Figure B-「Positive control」, The death percentage of cell line K-562 treated with detergent.  
    Figure C-「Sample」,When Cell line K-562 was co-cultured with show PBMC the death percentage of K-562 killed by NK cells.  
    The NK cells cytotoxic activity was calculated according to the equation:  

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