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Mycoplasma Assay
Amplification of a conserved mycoplasma-specific 16S rRNA gene region using a pair of primers. Detection of the amplified fragments by agarose gel electrophoresis.

  • M. fermentans
  • M. hyorhinis
  • M. arginini
  • M. orale
  • M. salivarium
  • M. hominis
  • M. pulmonis
  • M. arthritidis
  • M. bovis
  • M. pneumoniae
  • M. pirum
  • M. capricolum
  • Acholeplasma
  • Spiroplasma
    Positive control: The positive control band was successfully amplified to prove the PCR process is correct.  
    Negative control: No detectable band could exclude the contamination during the detection process.  


Sample: No detectable band suggested that there was no said mycoplasma contamination in this sample.  
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